What's the Summer Twister

The Summer Twister is a Veteran Support Rally hosted by the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club to raise money for Veterans struggling in the State of Wisconsin. We assist other non-profit organizations to ensure Veterans are getting the care they need. 

The event starts Thursday at 12:00PM and goes through Saturday. There is a professional stage and multiple bands. The event is stretched out over a very large area at the Wildlife bar and campground where you will find activities going on throughout the weekend. There are dozens of vendors selling food, clothing, jewelry and motorcycle accessories. A Veterans ceremony will be held at 12:00PM on Saturday to kick off a fun filled day of Bands, biker games, other contests and a great firework display.    

Historic Veteran Event 

The Summer Twister was started by the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club in 1984 by a few Vietnam Veterans and a couple cases of beer in the old barn that still resides on the property of the event. The event began to grow over time and they used the money raised to help their fellow Veterans in the state.  

In 2015, the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club decided to pass the torch to their fellow Veterans the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club in good trust to keep the event going and continue our shared mission of helping Veterans. 

Vietnam Veterans MC, Your history of this event will never be lost and your hard work over the years will never be forgotten. Thank you for the opportunity to continue our mission. 


  Leathernecks MC 

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