Vendor Spaces are Available on a first come first serve basis with paid deposit.



1. The vendor agrees it will be placed within the vendors’ area at the discretion of the Vendee or its authorized agent. The location shall be designated by the Vendee and NO vendor will be allowed to set up prior to 9:00 A.M. on Wednesday July 24th 2019 (without prior approval), and only then after speaking with and clearing location with the LEATHERNECKS MOTORCYCLE CLUB authorized agent. The Vendor will be limited to one vending trailer (unit) and one display area. Housing confinements less the vending trailer will be placed behind the vending area, space permitting, or in a separate area designated by the Vendee.


2. By signing this contract, the Vendor understands and agrees the Vendee, its officers, or its agents, will not be held responsible for any loss, theft, or damage incurred by the Vendor.

3. The Vendor also understands and agrees that the Birnamwood Wildlife Campground or its agents shall be held harmless by the Vendor for any loss, theft, or damage incurred by the Vendor.

4. The Vendor will be responsible for following all Local, State, and Federal laws relating to the Vendors business and obtaining proper permits, licenses, and insurance where applicable. No Vendor will be permitted to open for business without proper permits and license if such permits are required by the government agencies.

5. The Vendor understands and agrees the Vendors’ property must be removed from the Wildlife Campground no later than 24 hours following the close of the Summer Twister.

6. As a courtesy, the Vendor agrees they will remain set up throughout the Summer Twister and will not tear down prior to 5:00 a.m. on Sunday.  All payments, to Vendee, will be paid prior to leaving the Wildlife Campground unless other prior arrangements were made with the authorized Vendees’ agent.

7. The Vendee will supply electricity at 15 amps per vendor, provided the Vendor gives prior notice that electricity is required by the Vendor.  The Vendor will not be charged by the Vendee, a fee for electricity, if electricity is used, it is included in the Vendors’ fee.

8. The Vendor understands that due to the limited space available and due to applicable Local, State and Federal laws, the Vendee will strictly enforce its policies against pets, firearms, and fireworks during the Summer Twister.

9. The Vendor agrees there will be no sale of drugs or drug-related items during the entirety of the Summer Twister.

10. The Vendor shall not have any more employees, helpers, or aids than is reasonably necessary to operate his/her concession.  All persons the Vendee deem to be extraneous or unnecessary to the operation of the Vendors’ concession will be charged the appropriate admission fee. The Vendor states his/her party will include no more than four (4) total people and agrees to pay full admission fees for more than four (4) people in total. A complete list of names is required when returning this contract. No parties under the age of 21 will be permitted in the beer concession area or in or around the main tent and stage area.

11. Vendors are prohibited from vending any items in a disposable glass container.

12. The Vendor shall be restricted to vending only pre approved merchandise. Vendee guarantees Vendor the right to vend products listed in this contract.

13. The Vendor is solely responsible for, and agrees to hold the Vendee harmless for any Local, State or Federal income or sales tax obligations incurred by the Vendor.

14. The Vendor agrees to maintain a clean area in the immediate vicinity of their Vendor area. The Vendor further agrees they will clean up the area prior to departure from the Wildlife Campground.

15. The Vendee reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time with all accrued moneys due the Vendee payable at the time.

16. Vendors will have access to the Beer Truck with the purchase of a event wrist band at the cost of $25.00.

2019 Vendor Contract  

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