Fulfilling our Mission 

Being a 100% Veteran organization we are very familiar with the everyday struggles our Veterans face after returning home from War. We take these matters very serious and try our hardest to help our fellow Veterans get back on their feet and show them the comradery they had in the military still exists in civilian life. We put a big emphasis on our homeless Veterans and Veterans suffering from combat-related PTSD as these things go hand in hand.  

Donating a total of $20,000 between money and clothes to the Homeless Veterans program in Madison. 

Receiving an award from Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Director of Wisconsin Veterans affairs John Scocos for our contributions across the state.  

Leathernecks MC sponsoring the moving Vietnam memorial wall with other Veteran organizations. 

 Spending Christmas eve and cooking for the                      homeless Veterans in Chippewa Falls. 

Donating new coats, hats, gloves and warming layers to the homeless in Chippewa Falls.

"No Veteran should be homeless"

"No Veteran should go hungry"

"No Veteran should be left in the cold"

Cooking for the homeless at the Veterans Manor in Green Bay.

Donating to the Wisconsin VetsNet.

Donating to the Milwaukee homeless Initiative. 

Donating to the Trinity Equine Center to cover 1300 hours of PTSD treatment.

Donating to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

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