2019 Summer Twister ATV Rules

  • $20.00 Registration fee per event recreation vehicle (i.e. lawnmower, ATV, golf cart.) You will be given an event vehicle sticker/band to be displayed on vehicle in full view the entire event.

  • A release waiver must be signed and handed in at the front gate to receive pass.

  • You may either print out, sign, or they will be available at the front gate.

  • All Lawnmowers must have the mower deck removed.

  • ​All Furniture must be permanently attached to trailer.

  • Careless use and excessive speed will automatically result in the immediate removal of event recreational vehicle pass.

  • ​The vehicle must have a headlight for night time use.


Violation of any of these Regulations may result in the removal of event wristband and ejection from event. Direct questions to any member of the Leathernecks MC only.

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