34th Year Rocking Support for Veterans

Wisconsin's Largest Veterans Support Rally

Leathernecks of Wisconsin
518 24th Ave. W. #7
Menomonie WI 54751

                             2018 Twister Camping Reserved Area - Field 1

Campsites will again be offered for the 34th Annual Summer Twister Reserved Camping field. They will be available to the same parties but must be reserved by June 1st, 2018, for this Twister, July 26-28, 2018.  

             If not attending, please call Raven to cancel your reservation.

2018 rates are continued for returning campers. Those that have not reserved before are subject to the pricing as follows:*

Thursday – Sunday - $90.00
Wednesday- Sunday - $115.00
Tuesday – Sunday - $140.00
Monday – Sunday - $165.00
Sunday – Sunday - $190.00
Previous Saturday – Sunday $215.00

           *Pricing follows the campground rate for the same time period. 

                 Payments must be worked out prior to June 1st 2018
No Fireworks, M80’s or Cannons will be permitted.  Bands will be cut and you will be escorted off the property.  No warnings.
Check/Money orders must be worked out by June 1, 2018 – made out to:

                                             Leathernecks of Wisconsin

Mailed to:     Leathernecks of Wisconsin
                        518 24th Ave. W. #7
                        Menomonie WI 54751

 Any questions call:

Raven:  @ 513-807-6070 or
Or email: ravenlmci@gmail.com

2018 Twister Camping Reserved Area




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Leathernecks of Wisconsin
Raven: 513-807-6070



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